Good morning and happy Labor Day!

Good morning -

Kristen Miranda here with you this is Monday, September 1st...Labor Day. While we hope you are enjoying a day off - please be sure to tune in to WBTV News This Morning if you do have to be up early.

There's much to tell you about....

We'll begin this morning with a sad story out of Hickory. A deadly accident that has killed one teen and left another seriously injured. We'll tell you what police are saying about how this happened.

The search is still on for a missing inmate in Lancaster County but investigators do have something to go on...a note the man left on Facebook.

Ashton Pellom is helping us wind down the summer by taking a look at the impact the new BB&T Ballpark and the Charlotte Knights have had on Uptown this year. The Knights play their last game of the season today.

And as you're getting ready for your Labor Day don't want to miss the new snack that you can find at one Disney park. It just might make you drool...

John Carter and Meteorologist Ashley Batey kick things off at 4:30am. The rest of us...including Brody O'Connell in the Alert Center....will join in at 5am.

See you soon!