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Active shooter workshop


What would you do in an active shooter situation? How would you react if someone started firing at the mall where you shop?

Saturday afternoon, two local security experts met with concerned residents to teach them how to respond if they find themselves literally in the line of fire.

WBTV spoke with international security expert Karl de la Guerra, and Dan Starks, a local personal protection coach.

"You are starting to see more citizens being involved and asking what do we do if we get in a situation like this," said Karl de la Guerra." "We're not only addressing the incident and post incident, but the precursors someone that might get involved."

"Crime is not about being in the wrong place at the wrong time," said Dan Starks." "My goal is to teach people why they become victims. What is there about them that makes them a person of interest, how to avoid becoming a victim."

Both men talked to the crowd about firearm permits. They say more people in Charlotte are applying for them.

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