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Man found hiding in Charlotte home months after escaping sheriff's deputies

Stephens-Maddox Stephens-Maddox

One of Rowan County's Most Wanted was arrested in Charlotte nearly two months after he jumped the fence at the magistrate's office in Salisbury and ran.

Jameel Kenneth Stephens-Maddox, 21, was found hiding inside a Charlotte home and arrested by police.

Stephens-Maddox was initially arrested in July 9 by Salisbury Police on seven outstanding criminal charges.

A WBTV reporter was there when deputies took Stephens-Maddox from a patrol car to the magistrate's office. At the time, he was handcuffed.

Once he was inside the office, Stephens-Maddox was handcuffed to a metal bar, in the prisoner holding area, to keep him from running away.

Investigators say he was able to work his hand out of the handcuffs used to secure him to the metal bar in the holding area.

He then ran out the door, jumped onto a patrol vehicle parked in the fenced in area of the magistrate's office and was able to make his way over the razor wire above the fence.

Law enforcement began a search for him but was unable to locate him until now. He has been removed from the Rowan County Sheriff's Most Wanted list.

After his escape, security at the magistrate's office was upgraded.

Rowan Sheriff Kevin Auten showed WBTV new security measures, which include new rows of razor wire fencing across the chain link fence, improvements to the back door, new cameras and a refocus of the cameras in place, and a steel bar across the bottom of the chain link fence.

Auten told WBTV that the new improvements should help a great deal in keeping prisoners both inside the building, and within the fence at the back of the office.

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