Stun gun robberies

Crimestoppers: Robber uses stun gun

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - CMPD says it hasn't seen anything like it before-- three robberies in eight days by a man using a stun gun.

He's a thief who isn't afraid to hurt people who get in his way.

"It's the same pattern he's been doing at every spot he's gone to," said Officer Tori Roddey.

And he's been to plenty of spots-- starting with the Plaza Express Mart on a Monday afternoon.

Surveillance shows him wearing a purple headband as he walked to the counter. He asked the clerk for a pack of black and mild cigarettes. When he hands her cash, she opens the drawer to give change.

At the precise moment, he pounces, grabbing all the big bills from the cash drawer, then using a stun gun to zap the clerk on the arm to keep her back. In a blink, he goes out the door with more than $700. He's last seen running down a side street.

"We're thinking he's parked his car back there and when he ran out of here, on Fairmarket place, he went to his vehicle."

One week later, he hit a 7-eleven store on Old Concord road doing the same thing-- waiting for the cash drawer to open, then zapping the clerk.

Two days after that, he's seen at the Giant Penny Grocery story on the Plaza.

We see him come in, go out and come back in when the clerk wasn't busy. He pulls his black and mild cigarettes from the rack and goes to pay.

He walks around the backside of the register and when she opens to make change, he jumps to action. But she fights back, and gets a stun gun bite for her trouble.

"It stuns them, and for a brief moment, they can't move, so he gives them a quick shot of the taser, grabs the money and leaves."

He was undisguised wearing black shorts, white shirt, with dreadlocks in a pony tail pulled back.

"Definitely he's somebody we want to get off the streets, Paul, with 3 robberies in 8 days, we definitely want to get him off the streets before he hits his 4th spot."

Police believe he may live in the area around the Plaza and is daring them to catch him. Can you help? Call Crime Stoppers at (704) 334-1600 and you could earn a reward.

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