Unlocking your home with your smart phone

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - If you're the kind of person who often loses their keys at the bottom of their purse, some new technology might help.

Some new apps may let you open the door to your home with a virtual key instead.  Sometimes your home alarm systems offer them.  Many of the "smart home" installations offer this.  Vendors are rushing to build the next best app to help you do this, too.

Our cyber expert, Theresa Payton, reviews how this works and wants you to make sure you check on the privacy and security settings so you are safe.  Her advice follows:

1.  It's usually cloud based solution

2.  If you are creating a "digital key", typically you can create a version of your key digitally by scanning in your key

3.  In some instances, instead of keys, you have a transmitter pad on your door that will accept a code from your phone

What to watch for:

1.  If the app scanned your key, can that copy of the key be used by someone else?

2.  If you go to a transmitter pad on the door and use your phone to unlock it, is that communication protected and is your privacy protected?

3.  Read the privacy policy

4.  Ask the manufacturer if they have tested it against digital break ins

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