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CEO of Timbers concession service penalized over dog-kicking video


After video was released allegedly showing Centerplate CEO Desmond Hague kicking a dog in a hotel elevator, some Timbers fans are threatening to boycott the team's concessions.

The video, from an elevator camera in a Canadian hotel, shows the man repeatedly kicking the dog even as it lies on the floor. A few seconds later, he yanks it to its feet so hard that the animal lifts into the air by its leash.

"I don't what to say other than I'm sickened by that," Portlander Shellie Howard said.

"It's horrible. Any abuse to animals is wrong," Portlander Brian Pace said.

Hague's company provides catering to large venues, including Providence Park.

"He needs an attitude check," Portlander Megan McKinley said. "That's really what he needs."

On Wednesday, Centerplate sent out an extended statement outlining penalties against Hague for his "unacceptable" behavior.

The company's board of directors determined Hague will be given a written censure and will be placed on indefinite probation. Any further acts of misconduct would result in immediate termination.

Hague was also ordered to personally donate $100,000 toward the establishment of the Sade Foundation, "in honor of the dog he mistreated in the elevator," according to a Centerplate statement.

"Further, we are requiring Mr. Hague to serve 1000 hours of community service in support of an organization that serves to protect the welfare and safety of animals," the board of directors stated.

The company stated that Hague is "truly ashamed of his actions and has expressed sincere remorse and shame for erratic behavior that is uncharacteristic of him."

The Timbers also issued a statement Wednesday saying they "share the outrage of many of our supporters" regarding the video.

Timbers executives said their current contract with Centerplate is a legally binding agreement, however, "when the contract expires we will carefully review whether Centerplate is a company with which we want to continue to associate."

The Timbers said this is the first issue they have had with Centerplate in 10 years of partnering with them. The team said concession sales are a vital part of local fundraising efforts.

"Centerplate employs hundreds of people in Portland, and this matter in no way reflects the quality service Centerplate employees in Portland deliver," a Timbers statement said.

But some people say, the damage is done and that they won't support Hague or Centerplate by buying concessions at Providence Park.

"If they don't buy anything than all the people who work there aren't going to be able to earn their wages," Portlander Taylour Mickel said.

"I definitely still support the Timbers and go to the events, but whether I pay the $9 for a hot dog and a beer I don't think so," Pace said.

The video is still under investigation and Hague faces potential criminal charges in Canada.

The dog was taken into custody by the British Columbia SPCA. Investigators said another man has come forward claiming he is actually the rightful owner of the dog and has filed an appeal to get the dog back.

Hague has not filed an appeal to claim the dog at this time, according to a BCSPCA spokeswoman.

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