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Waverly family on grave vandals: 'No one cares'


We first told you about this heartbreaking story that left the Harrison family facing thousands of dollars in reburial costs.

This all dates back to Easter Sunday, and yet the Waverly city council is just responding with a letter that has the family and many in the community shocked and disappointed.

"They cannot just see the pain that this caused," said Sylvia Harrison.
Vandals took a jack hammer to the burial vault of Harrison's mother, Mrs. Ida Mae Perry.

"No one would want to walk out and see their parent or their child or whoever sitting out on the ground," said Harrison. They don't understand. That's a hard thing, and it's a pain."

That pain was only heightened by a $3,000 bill to cover the costs of a new vault at the city owned cemetery.  Harrison took that bill to the Waverly city council and asked for help.

"I feel like they just kicked my parents and us up under the bus," said Harrison. "I just feel like the town needs to do better than this. Once you are in the ground you are supposed to be protected."

Harrison says she has requested lights and a possible fence for the cemetery, but she says no action has been taken.

"The truth of the matter is it's the council that has the power to make an exception and right this wrong," said concerned citizen Damian Bennett.

Bennett doesn't even know the family.

"The plight of the family touched me," said Bennett. "The reaction of the council angered me."

He couldn't believe the letter the family received from Waverly Mayor Barbara Gray. 

"The town will not be able to assist due to the fact that the town is not liable for the reburial cost," wrote Mayor Gray.

NBC 12 reached out to the mayor multiple times, but we never heard back.

"Even if it didn't have the money to right the wrong," said Bennett of the city council. "It has the resources to rally the community."

Harrison says she feels helpless.

"The town of Waverly, the council, nobody really cares," said Harrison. 

Mr. Bennett cares, and he intends to show that others do, too.

"When that story gets out and the town council begins to feel a little heat," said Bennett. "I'm hoping they are going to step up and do the right thing."

The family is circulating fliers announcing a $500 reward for any information leading to an arrest.

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