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New law requires moped owners to register vehicle


The cost of owning a moped will soon increase for people in North Carolina.

Earlier this month, Governor Pat McCrory signed a law that requires all moped owners to register their vehicle and to get a title.

According to Representative Phil Shepard, the registration will cost $15. It has not been determined how much it will cost to obtain a title, Shepard said.

The new law goes into effect July 1, 2015.

The law does not require moped drivers to get insurance.

According to Shepard, the law calls for a study to be conducted to determine how many accidents moped drivers are involved in. Shepard said the results of that study will influence whether or not lawmakers push for an insurance requirement, which has failed in the past.

Supports told WBTV the new law will help law enforcement officers track moped thefts and crimes.

Those who oppose the law said it adds an unnecessary cost to a population of people who do not have a lot of money.

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