Fighting to lose weight and boxing worked!

When Theresa Natale started having problems with one of her legs, doctors told her it was her weight that was to blame.  The young mother decided to make a lifestyle change, not just go on a diet.

She started by changing her eating habits.  And the difference paid off, she lost a lot of weight, but then reached a plateau.  "I'd lost maybe 20-30 pounds then I hit that block and so I figured I wanted to start working out so I started here and the pounds just flew off," Natale told me.  "Here" is Title Boxing Club in Ballantyne.  

Theresa goes to the Title several times a week and takes part in their classes.  With hooks and power punches women and men are getting results. From the bag to burpees classes are an hour of non-stop motion and motivation. "When you're in the class you feel tired, because it's hard work, but when you leave you have so much energy.  It's like a new life," Natale said.

Quinton Rankon is a professional boxer and head trainer at Title Boxing, "You're using the bag as an exercise tool, so you're punching the bag, you're getting cardio.  It's almost like cardio with your legs but you're using your arms," Rankon told me.  He spars with Natale and is amazed at her dedication and transformation.  "It's like she lost like half a person," Rankon said smiling.

Boxing isn't for everyone.  As with any new workout routine make sure to check with your doctor to make sure you're ready for the workout.

Theresa says it's changed her life!

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