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Heated words exchanged at Sanford fracking meeting

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More than 400 people attended a fracking meeting in Sanford Friday night for a chance to speak directly to the North Carolina Mining and Energy Commission.

Many of the nearly 100 speakers at the meeting own land in areas where drilling many happen.

One speaker told the commission the drilling would devalue their property.

The largely anti-fracking crowd expressed concern about how the drilling could affect water quality. They urged the commission to require fracking companies to disclose all chemical used in the process.

"For some reason, they don't want to tell us, the people, what's in this secret recipe of death," one man told the commission.

Some in attendance supported bringing fracking to the state saying it would bring much needed jobs to North Carolina.

Earlier in the day, there were security concerns, according to a commissioner with the state Mining and Energy Commission, and some question as to whether the meeting would be held.

Commissioner Lee Womack had said that up to 700 people may attend the meeting and there was no one assigned to provide security.

Fracking opponents appeared at a news conference before the hearing began in Lee County, one of the places where scientists believe pockets of natural gas exist in layers of shale.

Gov. Pat McCrory signed a law this summer clearing the way for permits to be issued as early as next spring for the drilling method that involves injecting water, sand and chemicals to break apart underground rocks so oil and gas can escape.

The meeting would be the second of four scheduled and follows one held Wednesday in Raleigh that nearly 400 people attended.

Another meeting is scheduled Monday in Rockingham and at Western Carolina University next month.



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