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Varsity football coming to Kelly High School

BENTON, MO (KFVS) - For the first time in school history, Kelly High School will kick off with other Heartland teams on Friday night.

The football program started up a few years ago by playing most of their games on the junior varsity level, but that's all about to change.

"Well we are tried of hitting each other I can tell you that," said Head Coach Kenneth Riedinger. "We are ready to go and start getting experience."

Head Coach Kenneth Riedinger said there's something special about starting a program from the bottom.

"You start looking around and our community made this possible," Riedinger said. "Our principal painted the goal post, we put the sprinkler system in that the community came out and helped, we filled in holes, the list goes on and on."

With all that support, the players want this to be a year everyone in Scott County remembers.

"Well it's an honor," junior Drew Keen said. "We finally get it. Everyone has been waiting for it."

So, what's the level of expectation for this team?

"We want to get better every play and I always say we don't tell reporters our expectations," Riedinger said.

Kelly kicks off on Friday night at East Prairie.

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