Stolen car at gym

Crimestoppers: Car stolen at gym

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - A Charlotte man went to the gym, got a good workout, then had his car stolen from the parking lot.

"Hardly ever do you expect your car to get stolen when you're coming in for just a quick afternoon workout," says CMPD Officer Tori Roddey.

But it happened before lunchtime at the Dowd YMCA. Surveillance shows a man dressed in a white shirt, black shorts and black shoes, walking downstairs to the locker room.

"From what we understand, he tried every locker in there, but he happened to come upon a lucky one that's unlocked."

And he found a jackpot. Four minutes after coming in, he left with a big green backpack. Inside that backpack, were car keys.

"He opens it up, it's easy, grabs the keys out. You can go around the parking lot and find the car you're looking for." "Find out which car makes the (beeping) noise. Once it makes the noise, that's it."

Within ten minutes of entering the Y, the crook found a 2012 black Toyota Highlander. We see him on surveillance open the door, slide in and eventually takes off.

It was picked up on a traffic cam at Central and The Plaza about an hour after it was stolen.

The license tag is specific-- 5SENUFF. Translated, that's five's enough. Or in this case, one thief was plenty,

Imagine how violated the victim feels. He lost his car, his wallet, his cell phone, his house keys and his garage door opener.

CMPD attempted to get the name of the man when he checked into the Y at the front door. But that name may be bogus.

If you think you know him, please call Call Crime Stoppers at (704) 3334-1600. You could get a cash reward for what you know. Crime doesn't pay. Crime Stoppers does.

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