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Savannah 'Purge' rumor causing stir on social media


A Hollywood horror movie based on the idea of 12 hours without laws has led to an online threat of a real life purge in Savannah.

"There is no substance to that as we can determine. However, we will be on full alert on that date and time when that is supposed to happen in Savannah," Major Larry Branson said.

The social media scare started in Louisville with a "fun" post from a high school student. Officials in Colorado, Tennessee and other states are reassuring concerned citizens that there will be no real-life purge.

"We don't take any of these events lightly," Branson said. "That is why it is an intelligence unit - we gather intelligence. We will be ever vigiliant, we will be watching, we will be listening, we will be ever prepared."

In Savannah, an image is making the rounds on Twitter and Facebook depicting a masked man saying the Purge is going to occur on Sept. 5 from 10 p.m. to 4 a.m.

That would be the same weekend as the Bacon Fest being put on by the Savannah Waterfront Association.

"We saw it on Facebook with the rumor going on. I heard about it in other cities and how it's more of a hoax than anything else. We haven't heard anything officially from the police department. We rely on guidance from them. If they recommend we do anything, then we will do something with that," Carrie Bligh with the SWA said.

Police said while this may be a hoax, they are looking beyond the keyboard and making sure the threat doesn't surface.

"If anyone acts out, if anyone thinks they are going to commit a crime on that particualr night, we will be prepared and ready and they will have to face the consequences," Branson said.

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