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Mother outraged after children left waiting for hours for bus


A mother is outraged after her child and others were left waiting for hours for a school bus that never showed up.

The mother wants answers about why the bus was a no show on the first day of school after it picked the kids up all summer.

"He woke up this morning at 5 a.m. for an 8:30 bus that never came," Cheryl Madrigal said.

Madrigal's son Vincent has been a student at the Rainbow Center for four years.

"He is autistic, nonverbal autistic at that, so when things don't go his way, we see the behaviors," she said.

The behaviors tend to start when Vincent's expected routine isn't what he expects.

"After a certain period, he's calm for a while, then the agitation starts, then the behavior starts and then we have to do something different to calm him. And then even at that point (we have to) make a decision on whether it's feasible for him to go to school because, at that point, it becomes more behavior for school to have to deal with," Madrigal said.

Vincent, along with five other students, is bused to Blue Springs by the Hickman Mills School District.

KCTV5 checked and, by 11 a.m. Wednesday, four out of the five students who were supposed to be on that bus had been taken to school late by a parent.

The Rainbow Center said only one student arrived by bus.

A spokesperson for the Hickman Mills School District admitted that there were issues Wednesday morning and said the district worked hard all day to get the issues ironed out.

Madrigal said this was the same bus, on the same route, as summer school and she doesn't understand why, on the first day of school, they were let down.

"As a parent it sends the message that special needs kids aren't as important," she said.

The Hickman Mills District said, while things like this do happen at the beginning of the school year from time to time, it does apologize to the parents for any inconvenience.

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