State DOT: W. Innes bridge should be finished by September 9

SALISBURY, NC (WBTV) - Though never promised, many in Salisbury who were hoping a bridge on a busy road would be replaced by the time school starts next Monday, are going to be disappointed.

That bridge on West Innes Street still needs about two more weeks before it can be opened, and drivers are frustrated.

High schooler Luke Miller works a summer job for spending money, but this summer, most of that is going into the gas tank of his Jeep.

"Another quarter tank of gas by the time I'm through with the week," Miller told WBTV.

Luke lives just on the north of this bridge.  Built in 1940, it's being replaced and crews have been working on it since February.

For many drivers, it means quite a detour.

"I have to go one of two ways," Miller said.  I either have to go out towards Statesville Boulevard or I have to cut through Eagle Heights just to go to work."

It's near North Hills Christian School on one end and Catawba College on the other, and is a heavily traveled road.  Drivers like Luke have been cutting through neighborhoods to try and shorten the drive.

"It's a good, probably 3-5 minutes, depends on how traffic is now, how many stop lights I get caught up at," Miller added.

DOT says they hoped to have the bridge finished by August 31, and would even try to have it finished by the start of school next Monday, but that isn't going to happen.

One reason it's a little behind is because they put off tearing down the old bridge because Catawba College wanted to have a marathon, according to DOT.

There were also weather delays, but now the date for completion, and the end of driver frustration, is September 9.

DOT says the new bridge will be heavy duty and will not have the weight limits that were on the old bridge.