Woman's health forcing her to stop driving; wants to sell special van to veteran

SALISBURY, NC (WBTV) - This is not typically a web site used for classified ads, but this case is a little different.

Linda Beck has MS and she says that her health has gotten to the point where she will need to stop driving.  Linda thinks her customized van would be a perfect fit for a veteran in need.

Beck's van is a 2005 Dodge with 83,000 miles on the odometer.  It has been converted so that it may be driven by hand controls or by the pedals.  The front seat is built on a swivel, and there is a ramp that comes out of the side of the van.

Beck says she hates to part with the van, and hates to give up her independence.

"I told my family that I would know when it's time," Beck said.  "Now is the time."

Beck says she can't donate the van, but is willing to work on the price, especially for any veterans who may have an interest.

For more information, Linda Beck may be contacted at 704-278-9355, or at lindainthecards@gmail.com