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Firefighters respond to two gas leaks in Concord


People in Concord have been allowed to return after firefighters evacuated two different areas Tuesday after finding gas leaks.

According to the Concord Fire Department, they were called to the 460-block of McGill Avenue around 11:46 a.m. Tuesday morning, found an active gas leak and firefighters began evacuating the area.

Firefighters discovered that a pressure relief valve had activated at a PSNC pumping station.

The Fire Department Hazardous Materials Team arrived and worked with PSNC personnel to relieve the excess pressure.

Firefighters then monitored the air for about 20 minutes and let people back inside.

As that was happening, firefighters were dispatched to a similar call along the 1700-block of Old Charlotte Road, about five miles away.

Firefighters found another pressure relief valve had activated. They say this one was caused by the problem along McGill Avenue.

There were no injuries and no damage done to nearby buildings.

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