Terrible indictment details

Hi everyone, this is Paul Cameron at my desk in the WBTV Newsroom.

An indictment handed down against Sharman Odom, and it's what we feared. Tonight we know the Grand Jury found evidence he kidnapped, terrorized, sexually assaulted, then strangled school guidance counselor Maggie Daniels. Our reporter Coleen Harry spent time talking to her colleagues as they return to school for the first time without her.

While Ferguson, Missouri experiences another night of heated passions over the police shooting of an unarmed teenager, our Reporter David Spunt is tonight investigating something that may have prevented all the rioting. Body cams. The police force in the town of Cherryville are now wearing body cams, which provide video evidence of how an officer handles any given situation.

We're also talking to the 10-year old girl who took a couple shotgun pellets to the face from a man who's accused of shooting and injured two CMPD officers. Brandon Brewer is facing attempted murder charges, but he's no stranger to the back of a police car. He just spent a stretch of 8 1/2 years behind bars for other violent acts.

The weekend weather was great, but Eric Thomas says we're in for a rocky spell of heat, humidity and storms this week.

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