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Avery Co schools start year with new extended days


Summer vacation has ended for students in Avery County and if the school day seems longer to them, it's because it is.

Avery County has extended the school day by 20 minutes in hopes of building up time for makeup days.

In effect, they will be making up the makeup days before the first flake of snow falls. The extra time will give the system six days in the bank to use and hopefully, says Superintendent David Burleson, that will enable students to finish the first semester before Christmas and give them a chance, at least, to finish the school year on the projected June 3rd date.

Parents seems to be okay with the change and students are too. "If it helps, I'm all for it," said one student.

Burleson, though, remembers when he graduated from Avery County High School in 1978.

"We didn't finish the school year until June 28." Burleson hopes that doesn't happen again.

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