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10-Year-old girl speaks out after being shot in north Charlotte


A ten-year-old Charlotte girl is speaking out just one day after bullets started flying outside and inside her home. The child, along with two Charlotte Mecklenburg Police officers, was shot on Sunday in north Charlotte.

Ten-year-old Shanise Laney showed WBTV where her home was hit with bullets Sunday. "When the gunshots flew they hit exactly in this area," Shanise said.

Shanise Laney said she was in her living room after church about to have her hair done by her big sister. She said she heard a gunshot in the neighborhood. She looked out the window of her house and saw a man with a gun.

She said that gunman then came to her door.

Her brother, 13-year-old Jonathan Alexander, explained why he thinks the man was shooting at their door.

"When we opened up the door he asked us if we got a cigarette, a blunt or a cigar. We said 'No' and he got mad and pulled it up, cocked it back and start shooting. That's when my little sister got hit by it," Jonathan said.

Jonathan said they slammed the door and he ran to the bathroom.

"Shanise came down holding her face while she was bleeding," Jonathan said. He says the gunshots went everywhere.

"It came through here," Jonathan said while pointing to the kitchen's back window.

Shanise explained that before she was hit she was crawling in the kitchen.

"I tried to get over to the refrigerator and the table where Chris was but then it struck me in the face. It came through here and it shot back out from this side," Shanise said. She was wearing band-aids on her face.

She made it back to the bathroom.

"Me, my brother and my sister we all started to cry cause we didn't know what would go on after this," Shanise said.

"After that we heard more gun shots then we heard police come from that side of the house," Jonathan said.

The brother and sister described police carrying Shanise to safety out the back door and through a neighbor's yard.

"We went out their fence and we went straight up the street to the police," Shanise said.

They're glad police arrested Brandon Brewer, a man that lives across the street.

"Good he's in jail. Hopefully it won't happen again," Jonathan said.

"This was one of the most frightful scariest things that ever happened to me. I'm just relieved I'm alive," Shanise said.

Shanise says Sunday night she slept at her friend Mary's house because she couldn't go home. Her mom said the window should be fixed soon.

She was at work at the time of the shooting and went straight to the hospital to check on her family.

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