Getting a healthy start to the new school year

The beginning of the school year is upon us, some kids returned to school today! But many of you still have a few days before your kids go back.  If your child is returning think about some of the recommendations from the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Switching from the summer-time sleep schedule to school bedtime is the best place to start.  If your child has been going to bed super late, start right away.  Get them to move bedtime back an hour at least.  If you're in CMS you'll have a good 6 nights to get in the groove.

If your child is like most kids, they'll gravitate toward the sugary breakfast fare.  Carbohydrates aren't always bad, but they can leave your child with a big crash a few hours into the school day.  Consider whole grain bread for French toast or oatmeal with some fresh fruit.  Protein is always a great way to start your day, but no matter what you serve, even if it's last night's leftovers, don't skip breakfast. It's your child's most important meal before they hit the classroom.  If they get a snack time, dieticians recommend something with protein, like cheese sticks or yogurt.

Choosing their book bag is exciting, but it's how they fill it that matters most.  Pediatricians say kids should never carry more than 10-20% of their body weight inside their back pack.  It can not only hurt their shoulders and back, it can also wear them out.

There are important conversations to have with your kids about safety as well.  From traveling to school to concerns about bullying, the America Academy of Pediatrics offers great ideas you might not have considered as we close out summer and prepare for another great school year!

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