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Family wants answers after deadly hit and run on Hwy 321


A Hickory family is desperate for answers after a deadly hit and run took the life of 35-year-old John Morrison.

North Carolina Highway Patrol tells WBTV Morrison was walking up Highway 321 when he was hit and killed early Monday morning. The driver then took off.

Dianne Bridges is Morrision's biological mother. "I fought for thirty years to find him. To have him five years, and to lose him again," Bridges said.

Bridges was making up for missing out on so many years with her son. The two were reunited five years ago.

"He pulled up in my driveway and he held his arms out and we hugged and it was like we were never apart," Bridges said.

What happened Monday morning didn't just tear apart Bridges, but also his best friend Johnathan Short, who already has a memorial to John permanently etched on his forearm.

"I told him I was going to take him to Olive Garden Friday when I get paid and I can't. I can't," Short said.

John's father Robert Morrison is trying to grasp why.

"They took away a real great individual. Who loved everybody and everybody loved him," Morrison said. The pain this family feels is so much worse because they say they don't know who took John from them.

"He wasn't an animal. He was a man with a big family and a big heart and he probably laid there for hours," Bridges said.

Troopers tell WBTV the call came in around 7 am Monday morning, but it may have happened a lot earlier. "We will exhaust all our efforts to make sure the individual who is responsible for this collision is found," Trooper Kenneth Evans said.

There are no suspects, but they are looking into a vehicle which was found not far from the scene.

"We will find them. So if they're out there, just know that we are on the hunt and we're good at what we do," Evans said.

And until that happens, this family will wait, their pain more real knowing john's killer is still out there.

"I just want to see their face and ask why. Why?" Short asked.

The family added that John suffered from seizures, and wasn't able to drive, that's why he was walking on the Highway.

Despite the fact that they have a possible vehicle, North Carolina Highway Patrol is still asking anyone with information to call: 828-466-5500.

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