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Four arrested after $8k in pot found in home near middle school


Four people have been arrested in York County after officers say a traffic stop led to thousands of dollars in marijuana being found in a home near a middle school.

Investigators say a man was pulled over along Ebenezer Road, in Rock Hill, on Wednesday evening by a county drug enforcement unit.  The driver, Rafael Renta, had previously sold marijuana to undercover officers in the past.

When Renta was pulled over, officers reportedly found a package from California that had two pounds of high grade marijuana inside.

When officers searched Renta's Rock Hill home, they reportedly found his roommate, James Stafford Jr, putting a large tattoo on an underage teenager. Officers say Stafford had also given the teen marijuana prior to the tattooing.

According to investigators, officers found drugs, drug paraphernalia and a stolen gun inside the home.

Drug agents also found marijuana hash oil or butane honey oil being made on a double hot plate.

"It's just pure marijuana resin, pure THC," York County Multijurisdictional Drug Enforcement Unit Commander Marvin Brown.

Brown says butane honey oil is made from stems of marijuana, compressed in a pipe and then butane is added to form a thick waxy, oil.

The process of making the oil is highly dangerous and Brown says what's even more alarming is Renta's house is a half-mile from Sullivan Middle School.

"The problem is, it's highly explosive during the butane process and people are known to have explosions and get hurt," said Brown.

Brown says the Butane honey oil is gaining popularity amongst teens and young adults.

He says what scares him the most is it's high concentration of THC found in the oil.

"We really don't know what that's doing to the body when we get that much THC going into the body at one time," he said.

Charles Reuben Mobley and Kayla Cheyenne Thompson were also staying at the home when police searched it.

Officers reportedly seized $681 in cash and the marijuana was valued at approximately $8,000.

Renta, Stafford, Mobley and Thompson were arrested under a combined 20 drug-related charges.

Officials say Renta was the roommate of the Michael Giddens who was killed earlier this year at the Cedar Grove Lane home during a botched drug deal.

5 people were arrested in connection with the murder of Giddens.

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