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Husband of Charlotte missionary battling Ebola says she's getting stronger

David and Nancy Writebol (Courtesy: David and Nancy Writebol (Courtesy:

Days after returning home to Charlotte from Liberia, missionary David Writebol told reporters via Skype he's "doing great" and that his wife, Nancy is "getting stronger" as she battles the Ebola virus in an isolation unit in a hospital in Atlanta.

David Writebol and ten others are quarantined as a precaution on the SIM campus in Charlotte. Writebol said he takes his temperature twice a day and gives the results to Mecklenburg County health officials, who are monitoring the group for any signs of the Ebola virus.

Writebol and his wife, Nancy, were doing missionary work in Liberia when she contracted the disease in July.

SIM flew Nancy Writebol to Emory Hospital in Atlanta where doctors are treating her with an experimental drug.

On Sunday, SIM flew David Writebol and two doctors to Charlotte.

David Writebol said he talks with his wife on the phone.

"Get a chance to talk to Nancy and she's doing better every day - feeling stronger" David Writebol told reporters. "Each time I talk to her I get a sense her voice is clearer and brighter. I'm imagining that she's getting stronger and she tells me that she is feeling better and getting stronger - still very weak."

The Writebols' sons are with their mother in Atlanta.

Meanwhile, David Writebol will be quarantined in Charlotte for 21 days with 6 children and 4 other adults who were in Liberia as the Ebola outbreak raged through West Africa.

SIM officials put together an R-V camp on their campus for the 11 people.

"As long as there is three-to-four feet of separation between people. You can hang out, you can have meals, you can play catch. They play catch back there. They play computer games" said George Salloum, of SIM. "We have a lot of woods. We have 60 acres in the back - people can enjoy nature in the back there as well. If they have a fishing rod, they can fish."

Salloum said he got a chance to see his colleague, David.

"I really wish I could hug him. I miss and feel bad for what he's experiencing - being apart from his wife and what his wife is going through but he's a great friend."

David Writebol said he's just waiting until he can go to Atlanta and be with his wife as she recovers.

"I think she's moving in the right direction" David Writebol said.

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