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Rock Hill convenience store clerk shot during armed robbery

A Rock Hill convenience store clerk is recovering after being shot in the leg during an armed robbery.
The crime happened Tuesday night at Park's Grocery Store on East Main Street.
According to police there were two male suspects. One pointed a gun at the clerk and took more than $500 from the register, while the other man waited outside.
Police say as the suspects were running off, one of them shot the clerk, the bullet went through his left leg and hit his right leg.
"People are crazy these days," said Lanay Perry.
Perry lives next door the convenience store and heard the commotion Tuesday night.
She says shops at the store for her mother, but after Tuesday night's crime, she's hesitant to go back.
"I know good and well I'm not going over there now because that could have been me. You never know now," she said.
This isn't the first time the store clerk has been attacked.
Earlier this summer, police say Brady Harris hit the same in the head with a baseball bat as he was getting into his car to leave work.
Harris had reportedly been at the store earlier in the evening and had been "causing problems" so the owner threw him out.
Harris is still in jail facing attempted murder charges.
After several robberies and attacks at the store, customers and neighbors expressed strong opinions, Wednesday.
"They don't care about nobody's life but their own, if that sometimes, they don't care," said Perry.
"They ought to get jobs and stop doing this to people. It's just really sad," said customer Liah Mack.
"People don't have any regard for the law or nothing else anymore," said Johnny Hawkings.
Police say the clerk suffered non-life threatening injuries from the Tuesday night's gunshot.
No one was available at the store to comment.
So far no arrests have been made.
The suspects are two men black men, one 5'9" and 230 pounds, the other 6'3" and 210 pounds.
If you have any information in this case, you are asked to call the Rock Hill police.
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