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Families frustrated over damage at Gaston Co cemetery


Families were unhappy to find damage at a Gaston County cemetery recently, especially when they found out that the damage was not created by vandals, but by a cemetery project.

Larry Thomasson was at Gaston Memorial Park Wednesday, checking on his parent's headstones.

"I just want to know what was going on and see if my mother's grave was messed up," Thomasson said.

Thomasson has several family members buried near a trench that was dug last week.

The General Manager of Gaston Memorial Park, Cheryl Godbout, said the cemetery needed to bury a new cable line underground.

"There are a couple of easements in this space. We have one that already has our power utilities in it, so this one was available so we could do it without impacting anything that is already in place," Godbout said.

The project left a noticeable 50-yard gash running between headstones.

Godbout told WBTV bad weather delayed ground repairs and that they had planned on fixing the eye-sore immediately.

Now, she's ensuring families that Gaston Memorial Park is doing everything is can to respect the dignity of the deceased.

"Just give us a little bit of time. We are going to get it cleaned up as quickly as possible, but if they do have any concern at all please stop in the office and we'll describe what we did and make sure they are as comfortable as possible," Godbout said.

Several families have complained about the project, but no serious damage has been reported.

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