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Grieving mother wants murder suspect to come forward

Raphael White Raphael White
Bias Easley Bias Easley

It has been more than two months since Bias Easley was murdered at a south Charlotte apartment complex, and now his mother Doris Easley is calling out her son's accused killer.

"My son was a beautiful, beautiful man," she said. "Mr. Raphael White, if you're out here. I just beg you and ask you to turn yourself in, and do the right thing."

Raphael White is the man police say shot Bias Easley.

His mother says the gunfire came in the parking lot of the complex after her son was accused of smiling at White's girlfriend.

The suspect's brother, Trevor White, was charged in mid July with accessory after the fact.

According to Doris Easley, Trevor White was sprung from the Mecklenburg County Jail, after having his bond reduced.

She grieves not only for her son, but also for the children he left behind.

"My family is still grieving. We need to get through that," she said.

When Bias Easley became an officer at the Lanesboro correctional facility, the dread locks had to go. His mom saw it as a sign of growing up.

"He cooked. He cleaned. He took care of his children. He went to work," she said. Her work now is finding the person who took her son's life.

She keeps Bias' picture close by, but there's another photo Doris Easley has tucked away in her purse - the mugshot of Raphael White.

Mrs. Easley said, "You were man enough to kill my child. You should be man enough to take the medicine."

A source tonight feels they're making progress, but the process is slow and methodical.

Doris Easley wants justice to come and the pain to go away.

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