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Police officer uses GPS to find break-in victim; three arrested

Chambers Chambers
Luther Luther
Robinson Robinson

Quick thinking on the part of a Salisbury Police officer resulted in the return of hundreds of dollars worth of stolen property to the rightful owners, and charges against three alleged crooks.

On Sunday night police were in an area near West Monroe and Partee Streets investigating a report of a shooting.  The shooting investigation didn't pan out, but Officer West did notice three young men walking in the area, and for him, they were acting in a suspicious manner.

The officer talked briefly to the three and was given permission to search them.  Marterius Robinson, one of the three, told West that he had a bag under his coat.  When West searched the bag he found cell phones, power cords, a GPS unit, loose change, and several other items.

Officer West, aided by Officer Martinez and Sgt. Brooks, also found more items on the other two men, Daniel Chambers and James Luther.

One of the officers took the GPS, turned it on, and hit the "home" icon.  It showed an address on Fairmont Avenue, and when police went to that house they found that several cars had been broken into at that location.

According to the report, the three admitted to the crimes, telling police they had broken into unlocked cars and taken whatever they could find inside the car, and also looked in the trunks.

All three were charged with breaking and entering, larceny, and injury to personal property.  

Each is being held under $25,000 bond.

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