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CMPD officer, wife have a past with court system

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Beyond current charges, a veteran CMPD officer and his wife have a past in the court system.  Officer Reginald Harris and his wife Dia Harris remain in the Mecklenburg County jail Friday night. 

Police say Harris sexually abused a young family member and they say his wife helped cover up the crime.

Prior to being a couple, both Reginald and Dia Harris were divorced. So there are civil cases in their names, which is nothing unusual.

Officer Reginald Harris' criminal past in North Carolina is nothing more than a speeding ticket. But his wife had two separate criminal charges filed against her. One assault and battery charge was dismissed in 2006.  Dia Harris also filed a protective order in 2006 against a woman who she claims tried to hit her with a car. The order says the other woman got out of the car and began fighting Harris.  Dia Harris wrote that she had to go to hospital to be treated for her injured hand.

There is a simple assault case where she was found not guilty.  That case was filed in 2009. 

After the Harrises were arrested Wednesday, police said the alleged victim of sexual assault who came forward this July also came forward in 2009 but then stopped cooperating. From the paperwork available, there's no way to tell if Dia Harris' not guilty simple assault case is related.

Officer Harris may not have a significant criminal past but he did have several tax liens.  Not all of the court documents are available in Charlotte.  Raleigh will have to send them. But what I did discover was in 2010, Officer Harris was served by the North Carolina Department of Revenue a Certificate of Tax Liability totaling more than $41,000.  It says he was delinquent on individual income taxes and must pay penalties and interest. 

We have not been able to speak with Reginald and Dia Harris to ask them about the current charges or past cases.  And Thursday their family members declined the opportunity to answer any questions.

Officer Harris' and Dia Harris remain in jail on secured bonds. His bond is set at $90,000.  Her bond is set at $120,000.

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