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Good morning - and happy Friday to you! Kristen Miranda with you on WBTV News This Morning - filling in for Christine who will be back on Monday.

Breaking overnight....the World Health Organization has declared the Ebola outbreak in West Africa to be an international public health emergency that requires an extraordinary response to stop its spread. We'll tell you what that means for you.

Also internationally - overnight - not only has the US authorized air strikes on Iraq if American troops are put in jeopardy - but our military has also begun dropping food and water supplies to tens of thousands of people in Iraq.

We're covering some big local stories...including issues with 911 response times in one part of Mecklenburg County...and an emotional celebration for a little girl whose life, and death, will provide hope and help to families all across the country. Astrid Martinez is on that story.

And we've sent our Mark Davenport to Bank of America Stadium because it is GAME DAY! The Panthers taking on the Bills tonight right here in the Queen City - the first preseason game of the year - and Mark is going to get us ready for it!

John is headed into the studio with Al at 4:30am. The rest of us will join them at 5am...Chris Larson with traffic....Brody O'Connell in the Alert Center...and me!

See you when you wake up!