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Mom 'frustrated' after being told to breastfeed in museum bathroom

Image of bathroom where a mom of four was told she'd have to breastfeed Image of bathroom where a mom of four was told she'd have to breastfeed

A mom of four says she was "frustrated" when she attempted to breastfeed her fussy baby at a Charlotte-based museum and was told she needed to use a bathroom instead.

It happened on Wednesday at the Discovery Place. The woman has asked WBTV not to identify her, but said she wanted to approach the situation with the museum.

So she posted a photo of the bathroom she was told to go to on the Discovery Place's Facebook page.

"I am a very private person. I did post the picture to Discovery Place's page because I was frustrated," she told WBTV. "I am not the type of person that gets topless to nurse or to draw attention to myself."

She says she was at the museum with her four children and attempted to pull a bench into an alcove so she could face the wall to nurse.

That's when an employee told her not to move the bench and use the family bathroom to nurse.

"I asked her if she eats her dinner in a bathroom," she said. "I went back to my family [...] and we decided to leave."

She says she fed her four-month-old daughter in the car in the parking deck.

"Nothing like this has ever happened to me before. In the past I've made it a point to not put myself in this position," she said. "But right now I have three children looking for something to do and it's summertime - why shouldn't I take them out to do something fun?"

Discovery Place's CEO, Catherine Wilson Horne, issued a statement saying the museum is taking steps to correct this for the future.

Horne apologized to the mother, saying she was given incorrect information and that nursing mothers are welcome to breastfeed anywhere in their facility.

"Providing a family-friendly environment for all guests is of our utmost concern," Horne said.

She continued, "After investigating our guest's experience yesterday we discovered that a team member had provided incorrect information, and we are truly sorry. We are taking steps to ensure all our team, from staff to volunteers to teen apprentices, are informed of all the options for nursing mothers and communicate that to guests."

The mother said she did talk to Public Relations and that "they were very apologetic and upon request, listed all of the areas that they have that are quiet and more isolated."

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