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Detectives looking for Lincoln Co battery thieves


In Western Lincoln County, someone has been going around stealing vehicle batteries. Batteries used for the big rigs, tractors and even a church bus have been stolen in the past week and a half.

"I've been hit twice," said Harvey Houser. His big rigs lost 16 batteries, costing him close to $2,000.

"They don't get much for them," said Lincoln County Detective Jon Propst. He believes the thieves are taking the batteries to sell as scrap and use the money they get to buy drugs.

The batteries will bring "Only ten to fifteen dollars at the scrap yard or recycler," he said. 

Down the road from Houser, his brother was a victim of the thieves too, as well as a third trucking company and a church. At Mount Vernon Baptist Church the thieves took the battery out of the church bus.

Authorities have alerted scrap yards and recyclers to be on the lookout and are asking anyone who sees someone with a large number of batteries to call their local law enforcement.

So far, more than 30 of the 80-pound batteries have been taken.

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