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Charlotte Tire Kingdom dumps customer info


When a viewer called WBTV to say he saw a lot of information about customers of a local tire shop just lying outside the store, we went right there to check out the situation.

And what we found was paperwork scattered all over the ground behind a dumpster at Tire Kingdom on West Arrowood Road containing customer's names, addresses, home phone numbers, some partial credit card numbers, license plate information, vehicle information numbers and the make and model of their cars.

We explained the issue to a manager.

"You've got a whole lot of paperwork in there with personal information," WBTV's Melissa Hankins told him. "You've got your own company's deposit slips out there. And a lot of addresses from people. Partial credit card numbers. Did you know all of that was in there?"

"No, I didn't," he answered, hiding his face.

"I can't speak to you on camera," the manager went on to say, "You need to talk to our attorneys… and let them handle that."

We received this statement from Regina Tracy, a Tire Kingdom Representative:

"The privacy and security of our customer information is a very serious matter and Tire Kingdom has a strict policy of document retention and disposal. Unfortunately, that policy was not followed in this instance. Our workforce continues to keep our customers and customer information at the top of our priority list. We assure customers in the Charlotte area and across the country that we will continue to be vigilant in ensuring that our policies and procedures are properly executed."

It's a problem we've discovered before.

A case at this gym in Lincolnton a year ago was worse - pictures of drivers licenses and social security cards were thrown out there.

And before that, WBTV found a big problem at Carolina Center for Development and Rehabilitation, where some family members of a doctor improperly discarded hundreds of sensitive medical records.

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