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Billboards in Ohio mock Lebron James, signed "Love, Miami"

Billboard in Akron, OH. (Photo courtesy: @JeremyinAkron) Billboard in Akron, OH. (Photo courtesy: @JeremyinAkron)
AKRON, OH (CBSSports) -

Since LeBron James left the Miami Heat for the Cleveland Cavaliers, there has been a growing outrage amongst a few media members and some fans about LeBron not officially thanking the Miami fans for his championship days in South Beach.

LeBron did re-post this Instagram photo from the Heat thanking him for the memories and James saying, "Thank you as well." But what he hasn't done is make a huge effort to thank the fans directly.

Because of this, there is a little war being waged in Akron, Ohio on billboards and possibly more.

Sports radio host Dan Le Batard is fueling this "war" with the billboard where "Miami" is telling LeBron he's welcome for his two championship rings.

According to Greg Cote of the Miami Herald, Le Batard is just trying to have a little fun in some "anarchy" with Cavs fans:

"It's just fun anarchy. All meant in fun -- which, of course, will turn into Cleveland people getting filled with rage, poison and irrational hostility and want to use those billboards as a guillotine," Cote said. "Sports are so great, the more irrational the better. This is a publicity stunt disguised as a movement. Please don't tell anyone there is no actual movement."

With James having a homecoming in Akron on Friday, there are supposedly more parts to the billboard war that is being kept secret so that LeBron and his friends can't attempt to put a stop to it.

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