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State, defense rest their cases in Gary Goins sex abuse trial


Both sides have rested their cases in the trial centered on the ex-East Gaston High School wrestling coach accused of sexually abusing three of his former wrestlers.

Gary Scott Goins is charged with 20 sex crimes against minors.

Goins was on the stand for only 15 minutes, Wednesday, and neither the state nor his defense attorney addressed the alleged sexual abuse he's accused of.

While on the stand Goins, told jurors he never wanted to commit suicide, he's accused of, due to the effects it would have on his three adopted daughters and apologized for being combative in court on Tuesday.

"Yeah, I am frustrated because I've been accused of things I haven't done, so I get a little defensive. I think that's natural," said Goins.

"They've (his daughters) already had a lot of trouble in their life and it's taken a lot of work to help them get back on track and the next few years are the most important as they become teenagers," he continued.

"Would you want to be separated from that," asked defense attorney Brent Ratchford.

"No sir," Goins replied.

Later in the morning jurors heard from Rosa Elswick, a former neighbor of Goins, who testified she saw one of the three accusers constantly over Goins' Gaston County duplex… mornings, evenings and weekends.

"I thought it was odd back when I was in high school that (the accuser) was over Coach Goins' house all the time. I don't feel that's appropriate," said Elswick.

Elswick said Goins had separated from his wife, during that time, and the wife wasn't home when the accuser would come over.

Elswick also told jurors when she saw the accuser leaving Goins' residence she would try to speak, but the accuser usually didn't say anything back and acted strange.

"Most of the time he didn't really talk, he just acted like maybe he didn't want to be seen like he was embarrassed," said Elswick.

Elswick went to high school with the alleged victim and said she thought the visitations were odd back then, which is why she came to court, Wednesday.

"When I heard about this case, I was like we got to say something, because I felt like this needed to be shared," said Elswick.

The jury won't be back until Monday due to one of the jurors having to be out of town for the next couple of days.

When the jury returns, closing arguments are set to begin. 

On Wednesday, Goins' attorney made a motion to get the 20 charges against his client dropped, but the motion was denied.

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