How did she get infected?

Hi everyone, this is Paul Cameron at my desk in the WBTV Newsroom. The mystery is-- how did Charlotte missionary Nancy Writebol get infected with Ebola? She had no direct contact with Ebola patients as she only worked disinfecting the isolation suits doctors wore during treatment. Tonight at 11:00, we're talking to a woman who worked in the same compound to give us some idea of how the center in Liberia functioned.

We're also hearing from a woman who says Sharman Odom sexually attacked and choked her until she passed out. Odom is in jail, accused of strangling his neighbor Maggie Daniels. This unidentified woman tells our Coleen Harry the charges were dropped when she didn't show up for court. It begs the question-- had she pressed for a conviction, would Maggie Daniels be alive tonight?

We've got an update on that Allegiant Air plane that took off in Fort Lauderdale but ran into rough weather near Atlanta and suddenly plummeted five-thousand feet. It was headed to Asheville, but made an emergency stop in St. Petersburg after a flight attendant and three passengers were injured in the drop.

Expect more heat and possible storms tomorrow-- Eric will have his First Alert Forecast.

Plus, Delano has the inside story of the Panthers defense. Will they be just as salty this season?

Please join Eric Thomas, Delano Little, Molly Grantham and me for WBTV News at 11:00 in just a few minutes.