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CMS superintendent talks budget, teacher raises


Public school teachers are trying to figure out what their salary will be this school year. The state House approved a $21 billion budget plan over the weekend.

But CMS Superintendent Heath Morrison said he wishes a plan had been in place sooner.

Tuesday, Morrison explained that he is thankful lawmakers made it a priority to raise teacher salaries but says it would have been better earlier in the year. And he explained each teacher's increase isn't the same.

The majority of students at Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools start back up August 25. The CMS Superintendent explained their teachers will get anywhere from a .3 percent raise to a 18.5 percent raise.

Prior to the budget being passed North Carolina teachers' salaries ranked 48th out of 50 states. Morrison said he doesn't know where the salary increases puts those teachers now in state rankings.

There's been mixed reaction. Morrison understands why some teachers feel disrespected. The new salary schedule tops out at $50,000 a year for teachers with more than 25 years experience. But he says the pay increases will help attract new teachers to the district. He wishes he could have told prospective hires what their salary would be before the first week of August.

"When you are doing hiring now in August it's very problematic. The best teachers on the market they have been hired in our district and other school districts. It's kind of like NFL free-agency the best talent gets hired very quickly," said Morrison.

Morrison said he has 250 vacant teacher positions to fill. He also said the state budget would cut 90 teacher assistant positions. He said no one will lose a job because there are vacancies.

Morrison says school principals will have decide what classrooms will do without teacher assistants
If you are trying to figure out what your teacher salary will be this year click here for a chart provided by CMS.

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