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Residents worry about medical waste near Plaza Midwood


Mike Doyle is fed up with the medical waste that's generated by clients at the Talecris Plasma Center on Central Avenue.

"You just follow a bloody trail of band aids and gauze tape," Doyle said. "These people who come out of the plasma center just immediately rip them off them arm, after they give their plasma and they just throw it on the side walk."

Neighbors say several blocks of Central Avenue near the Plaza Midwood community have turned into a wasteland and dumping grounds for those who peddle plasma.

Bandages can be found attached to the bus stop, and Mike Doyle made another discovery.

He found more trash can from the Plasma Center at the over pass near Seventh Street.

So what's the company doing about it?

WBTV received a statement from Vlasta Hakes of Grifols Incorporated which oversees the center.

It says, in part, "We are working with our janitorial team to make sure that all trash disposal is being done correctly. Additionally, we will be keeping a close eye on the trash outside of the local bus stops to help maintain the area surrounding our facility."

While Mike Doyle continues to send pictures and videos to city and county officials hoping they'll take action.

"Who knows what's in this blood and this medical waste. It gets rained on, and gets soggy. It's just nasty," he said.

After checking with the county health department, we learned that Plasma Centers come under the watch of the US Food and Drug Administration.

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