PHOTOS: NC hiker encounters grizzly at national park

(Courtesy: Philip Granrud Photography)
(Courtesy: Philip Granrud Photography)

GLACIER PARK, MT (WBTV) - A North Carolina man had a close encounter with a grizzly bear as he hiked along a trail in Montana this week.

In a photo snapped by Philip Granrud, a Durham man can be seen hiding on the side of a steep cliff at the Glacier National Park when he came across the bear.

Granrud says he snapped the photo on Monday night.

He says the bear got on the trail at park after coming down out of the tree line and jumping onto the trail. Several groups of hikers saw the bear and quickly hurried out of the way.

"He wasn't aggressive towards people at all but you could tell he sure enjoyed getting the right of way and moved quickly on the trail," Granrud wrote.

But one hiker wasn't able to get way, so he had to take a different path down the cliff.

"I really don't think the gentleman in the picture had much of a choice," he said. "He could have turned around and gone back, but the trail is only three to five feet wide and sheer cliffs on all sides. The bear was moving at a brisk pace."

He scaled down the cliff to separate himself from the grizzly.

"I would say the hiker did the right thing," Granrud wrote online. "Clearly though there were no easy choices!"

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