Young crooks in the making

Crimestoppers: Attempted liquor store robbery

Remember the old TV cartoon, "Bevis and Butthead"-- two adolescents full of mischief?

CMPD ran across a real-life Bevis and Butthead who comically and sadly attempt a liquor store break-in.

They're not old enough to buy liquor, but they wanted into the ABC liquor store at the Arboretum just before 5:00 a.m.

Surveillance shows two teens checking the lock on the front door, then disappearing out of camera view for a few minutes.

"These are fairly young guys. They look 17, 18, 19 at the most," said CMPD Detective Marty Cuthbertson.

When they returned to the front door of the ABC, they had found a plastic shopping cart.

The one we call Bevis was wearing a black t-shirt pulled up over his head. He slammed the cart into the front door. It bounced off harmlessly.

He tried several times with the same result-- nothing.

Then he checked the front door again. It's was still locked. But this time, he remembered to use his shirt to wipe away his fingerprints.

He went back to the business of crashing the shopping cart into the front glass. Finally, after hitting it head on, the glass gave way. But Bevis couldn't get in because there were burglar bars behind the glass.

His partner, Butthead, who also has his tank top shirt pulled up over his head, take a pictures of the damage.

These two appear to be amateurs.

"They look like beginners. Most burglars bring a pry tool. They guys brought a shopping cart. We need to stop them now because they may advance to something else."

Hard core crime could be next for Bevis and Butthead.

Police be live someone has overheard these two bragging or showing off their picture of the broken glass. If you'd like to earn up to $1,000, call Crime Stoppers with your information at (704) 334-1600. You don't have to leave your name.