"Known runner" makes a run for it, doesn't get far

SALISBURY, NC (WBTV) - A man with a criminal history who police say is a "known runner" when it appears he's about to get caught, didn't get away this time, according to a report at the Salisbury Police Department.

Police say they spotted Kenneth Dwayne Neely, 49, Wednesday night in his car, a maroon Nissan X-Terra, near Roy and Van Nuys Streets in Salisbury's west end.

When Neely spotted the officers, he jumped from the car and ran, according to the report.  Anticipating this, police had already assigned an officer to be in place in an area where Neely might be likely to run, and as it turned out, he was caught.

Police discovered 39 rocks, or 5.2 grams of crack cocaine, as well as 35 hydrocodone pills.

Neely was charged with drug possession for both the crack and the hydrocodone, and for trafficking heroin.  Bond was set at $80,000.

"This arrest, like numerous others, are a direct result of the strategies and increased emphasis the police department has placed upon improving the quality of life for our West End community since mid April," said Salisbury Police Chief Rory Collins.  "We are keenly aware of the fact that performing crime suppression efforts, like those which led to this drug arrest, is not the only answer to helping deal with the challenges communities face each day."

"However, this level of policing is vital in our ongoing battle to make our neighborhoods safer, and a more enjoyable place to live.  Though, we continue to implement initiatives aimed at helping to steer youth in the right direction, we are also committed to maintaining this level of vigilance as we fight and deter crime in our neighborhoods," Collins added.