Gas station owner speaks out after pumps shut down

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - The owner of the Quick and Easy Marathon gas station on Trade Street near I-77 refuses to be interviewed on camera but sent WBTV a statement that says he is working with the state and apologizes to his customers for water in his underground gas tanks.

The price reads $3.49 a gallon, but the gas isn't flowing at the store.

Sonya Henegan is among those still waiting for some satisfaction. Since last Friday, her SUV has been broken down in the Bojangles lot next door.

Moments earlier she had purchased gas. "As soon I started the car, it started shaking real bad," she said. "When I put it in drive, it completely shut down."

The store's owner Saleh Moflehi statement said in part, "The contaminated gas was on the Premium grade only, the station management have solved the matter."

That clearly doesn't appear to be the case.

Several times this month Byron Goode, a state inspector with the NC Department of Agriculture, has visited these pumps and determined that water can be found in all grades of gasoline.

"There's a little moisture in the other two tanks, but nothing coming through the nozzles," Goode said.

That led to the state department of agriculture making the decision to turn off all of the pumps.

Meanwhile, the owner also claims that customers have been reimbursed, and said The company have compensated all of the customers who purchased bad gas during the two days of contamination.

"If we have a consumer compliant we'll respond to it, and 90 percent of the time there's nothing to it," Goode said. On this occasion there happens to be something.

Meanwhile, Sonya Henegan is still hoping for a reasonable resolution. "Nothing was wrong with the vehicle prior to me pumping the gas, and soon as I pumped the gas my car completely shut down. That's not my fault."

The NC Department of Agriculture has heard from nearly 20 car owners with complaints against the Quick and Easy store on Trade Street.

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