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State orders closing of gas pumps at Charlotte station


A North Carolina Department of Agriculture inspector returned to the Quick and Easy Marathon gas station on Trade Street near I-77 for the second time in a matter of hours.

Earlier in the morning, all of the fuel pumps were ordered to be turned off, because of water in that remains in underground tanks.

State inspector Byron Goode found water here last week, and shut down the 93 octane pumps.

"There several inches in the premium," he said.

During a follow up visit, water which is technically called fuel separation was discovered in the grades of 87 and 89 gasolines, and that's why the state said no more petro.

Some frustrated customers here feel they've been burned by bad gas. Richard Ruffin feels that he's among the victims.

"Water will mess your car up, if you put water in your car," he said. "We just got the car out of the shop last week."

The state tells us that they've received 18 complaints from owner owners who feel they've been violated. We've tracked down four who have combined repair bills of more than six thousand dollars.

The store clerk who talked to us last week didn't want to go on camera, and the owner drove away without comment.

Customers showing up at the store to fill up call it a big inconvenience. Jake Gorman is shopping elsewhere.

"I don't think that's cool, because I need gas now and I've got to go up the street and it's gonna be more expensive," he said.

Meanwhile, state inspectors say as long as water is in the ground, these pumps will remain closed.

"In fact, he will not open until we basically check to make sure that it is clear," Goode said.

It remains unclear if the owners have reimbursed customers who have damaged vehicles.

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