Rowan Co. Sheriff cancels Erica Parsons press conference

Erica Parsons: missing one year ago today

SALISBURY, NC (WBTV) - A scheduled update on the case of missing teenager Erica Parsons was canceled Tuesday by the Rowan County Sheriff's Office.

The media briefing was scheduled to begin at 2 p.m. on Tuesday, but was canceled just before 8:30 a.m.  No reason was given for the cancellation and the briefing was not rescheduled.

"We appreciate your continued efforts to help us locate Erica and apologize for any inconvenience this has caused," the announcement on Tuesday morning stated.

Rowan County Sheriff Kevin Auten was slated to take questions from reporters and provide an update into the investigation.

It would have been only the second time investigators have spoken publicly about the case since it began almost exactly one year ago, though updates have been given occasionally through press release emails.

Tuesday's press conference was not expected to include news of any criminal charges in the case.

"Erica Lynn Parsons still matters. Erica Lynn Parsons is not a forgotten story or not a forgotten teenager," her biological mother, Carolyn told WBTV.

Last week, the sheriff's office contacted media outlets and asked reporters to submit questions. The questions were reviewed and some rejected.

Two questions submitted by WBTV will not be addressed, including a question about which particular statements made by Erica's adoptive parents Sandy and Casey Parsons do investigators think are untruthful, and what were the results of lab testing on a host of items taken from the Parsons property back in August and September.

"We are unable to answer the questions due to the nature and sensitivity of our ongoing investigation to locate Erica," wrote Captain John Sifford in an email reply to WBTV.

The investigation began on July 30 of last year when Erica's adoptive brother Jamie Parsons visited the sheriff's office to report that Erica had been missing for nearly two years.

Originally, Jamie Parsons said that his mother had verbally and physically abused Erica, but in an exclusive interview with WBTV last week, he phrased it differently.

"Did they abuse Erica?" asked WBTV reporter Coleen Harry. "Half the time I didn't see stuff just like that no," replied Jamie Parsons.

"He has admitted that he lied," Casey Parsons told Harry in a separate interview.  She also showed WBTV letters that she said Jamie Parsons had written, apologizing for his actions and pledging to "make it right."

The public is encouraged to notify the Rowan County Sheriff's Office if you have information that can help in the investigation.

The Sheriff's Office and the FBI are offering a combined reward of up to $35,000 for information that leads to Erica.

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