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State rests in Gary Goins sex abuse trial


Late Friday afternoon, the state rested its case against Gary "Scott" Goins.

On Friday, jurors heard new testimony from the final accuser and other key witnesses in the alleged sexual abuse trial centered around a Gaston County High School wrestling coach.

Goins is charged with 22 sex crimes against minors and on Friday, jurors heard damaging testimony to the prosecutions' case.

As cross examination wrapped up for the final accuser in the Goins trial, Goins' defense attorney went back to the night where the accuser claims his former wrestling coach at East Gaston High asked for his help to commit suicide.

"You were high on cough medicine that night," said Defense Attorney Brent Rachford.

"I was," replied the witness. 

The defense poked holes at the accuser's credibility, pointing out the he was high on cough medicine the night he attempted to strangle his coach, allegedly at Goins' request.

"So you were inebriated that night," asked Rachford.

"Fair to say," replied the witness.

"But you remember details that you disclosed yesterday and today that you did not disclose even earlier," asked Rachford.

"Yessir," replied the witness.

The alleged suicide attempt failed and the defense says it was attempted murder.

Later, jurors heard from another key witness, who sparked the investigation into Goins.

After receiving word from a close friend that Goins allegedly molested the accuser, Ronny Huitt called the witness and he says the accuser told him about the alleged sex acts.

Huitt said at first the accuser didn't want to go to police and didn't cooperate with investigators.

"He (the accuser) said I can't and I said Why? He said Ronny this is going to ruin my life," said Huitt.

Eventually, the accuser went to police and before doing so, Huitt told jurors he would kill Goins if he molested anyone else.

"He said if it happens to someone else, I'll kill Scott myself. He said I'm watching him closely," said Huitt.

"He said I'm keeping my eyes on him. I got to watch him, I got to make sure I protect everyone else from Scott," he continued.

Goins' charges include indecent liberties with a child, indecent liberties with a student and statutory rape/sex offense of a child six years old or older.

On June 6, 2013, he was also charged with two counts of crimes against nature.

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