9-Year-old boy survives lightning strike

Boy survives lightning strike

The afternoon of June 25th, the Felder family was practicing track events at the Johnson C. Smith Stadium when the worst happened.

In an instant, a boom shook the stadium and 9-year-old Khye took a direct hit from a bolt of lightning. He fell to the ground not breathing, with no pulse.

Khye's mother Trina Felder had just stepped around a corner at the JCSU stadium to find some shade. She had no idea that lightning had hit her youngest son. "When I went around and seen my son laying there it was just unbelief."

Khye wasn't breathing, his heart wasn't beating, for more than 5 minutes on June 25th, he was dead.
Officer Brian Long was one of two officers first on the scene, the quick actions of those two men are part of the reason Khye is sitting here today.

"At that point the training just kind of kicked in and officer Zastrow and myself did CPR on him until medic and fire arrived," Officer Long said adding he's pretty impressed by Khye's quick recovery.

"It's pretty amazing, I had heard earlier in the week that he was out of the hospital and doing well."

Thursday afternoon, the Felder family came to the CMPD's Metro division to talk to media about Khye's story. To see him squirm and smile in front of a dozen news cameras, you wouldn't ever know the child was struck by lightning.

"The last thing I remember is that I woke up in the hospital. That's it," Khye told reporters.

Khye doesn't remember a thing about the actual strike. He did suffer serious burns which have mostly healed, his hearing was damaged in one ear, and he wears glasses now. But all those things, are small to the Felder family when they consider what they could have all lost.

"Every doctor we go to we go to one every day they're just all amazed at his quick recovery and just the progress that he's making," Trina Felder said.

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