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Sex abuse accuser: ‘Gary Goins asked for my help to commit suicide’


On Thursday, jurors heard more testimony from the final alleged sexual abuse victim of a former Gaston County High School wrestling coach.

Gary Goins is charged with 22 sex crimes against minors.

On the stand, the final accuser said Goins told him he wanted to commit suicide and asked for his help.

"It's kind of weird having someone approach you about taking their life, it's just something you think won't happen to you and you wonder why you're in that situation," said the witness.

The accuser testified Goins came up with several elaborate plans after some of his former wrestlers went police to report alleged sexual abuse.

The witness told juror Goins felt bad for what he'd done and the two used Trafones to come up with suicide plans, so the calls wouldn't be traced.

He went on to explain how one night in April of 2013, both went to George Poston Park to execute the plan.

The witness says he tried to help the coach by strangling him, but it didn't work.

The witness told jurors he finally went to police about the botched suicide attempt because the matter weighed heavily on his mind.

"I thought about just coming forward as it was, but at the same time I was confused about what was going on. It just keeps eating at you and eating at you and eating at you," said the witness.

Goins' Defense Attorney says there was no suicide attempt and the accuser tried to kill his client.

"You were worried because this was attempted murder," asked the defense attorney.

"No sir, that was a failed attempted suicide that I was trying to help someone, who I trusted at the time," the witness responded.

However, the accuser made it clear to jurors that he didn't come forward about Goins to receive any benefits.

"Is there a benefit of having my story all over the news and things like that? Is there a benefit of my life being torn apart by this too? I'd say no," said the witness.

Goins' charges include indecent liberties with a child, indecent liberties with a student and statutory rape/sex offense of a child six years old or older.

On June 6, 2013, he was also charged with two counts of crimes against nature.

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