Friends of homeless victim of domestic violence collecting funds for funeral

Spencer, NC (WBTV) - She was the homeless victim of domestic violence and she found herself alone in a city where she knew no one.  But this woman's story, and her personality in the last months of her life have inspired a community to rally together for one compassionate gesture to honor her memory.

"She was abused, badly beaten," Patsy Schmidt told WBTV.  "She was pitiful but she kept her faith, you could tell she was living for the Lord because she was so strong, she just had to tell everyone about it."

At the B & P Collectible store in the Park Plaza Shopping Center in Spencer, they take things that are unwanted and broken, and find the value in them, maybe that's what led a woman named Jennifer to tell her story to Patsy and Bob Schmidt.

"The last time she stayed with her husband he knocked her down in the street and jumped on her head with both feet," Patsy added.

This happened while Jennifer was living in another southern state.  After the attack she spent six months in the hospital and was able to get out of that relationship with her husband.

Despite having no connection to the area, she ended up in Spencer, somehow.

She lived for a while at the battered women's shelter, the homeless shelter, was taken in by folks from Spencer First Baptist Church, and by Patsy and Bob.

Her health was poor, but no one knew just how bad.

"I tried to get her to go to the hospital and she said she thought she could ride it out until morning," Patsy said.  "She died in the front bedroom."

They want her to have a decent burial, but just can't afford it, so folks at the church have decided to raise the money.  Summersett Funeral home is helping, but there are costs.

They want to have Jennifer's remains cremated and placed inn an urn.

"We just felt like it would be our responsibility and privilege to be able to see to it that she had proper burial," Myers told WBTV.   "She had a personality that was just instant with individuals and she blessed several of or people they told me."

Those who knew for the brief time she was here say there was something special about Jennifer, they say she never lost her faith despite the trials of her life, that's why they want to honor her memory.

Anyone wishing to learn more about how to help can contact First Baptist Church of Spencer, the number is 704-636-5081.