Brother of missing teen, Erica Parsons, sorry investigation 'got out of control'

Jamie Parsons speaks out on adoptive sister Erica

ROWAN COUNTY, NC (WBTV) - Jamie Parsons hadn't seen his adopted sister, Erica, for about a year and a half. Finally in July 2013, he decided to file a missing person report with the Rowan County Sheriff's Office.

"That day turned my whole life upside down, turned people against me, put everything I do at risk" he told WBTV.

"I thought personally that while I was up there, they would actually find her, turn around, look at me and say there she is - she's living in this city" he said. "I was going to walk back home. Go back home. But then it changed. It didn't come out the way I thought."

The case became headline news and the talk of Rowan County.

Police began investigating. They searched the Parsons' property in Salisbury but there was no sign of Erica.

Jamie admits that last year he told detectives his parents beat Erica.

Wednesday afternoon when the 21-year-old sat down with WBTV, he said of the abuse, "half the time I didn't see stuff just like that - no. I didn't see physically abusing as what people are trying to put."

One year later Erica, now 16-years-old, is still missing.

Jamie's parents, Casey and Sandy Parsons, continue to face police questioning and the couple's two youngest biological children have been removed from the home.

Jamie Parsons said he just went along with what people were saying.

"Everybody kept on telling me, and the family said that Sadie and Toby would be at risk, so I just agreed but not knowing the outcome. But now I know the outcome. And I know where Sadie and Toby belong. Mama would take a bullet for Sadie and Toby in a second. She ain't going to put a bullet in them. She'd take a bullet for them."

He said he recently wrote his parents two letters "that I would try to fix Sadie and Toby's lives."

"I'm apologizing it got out of control. I mean, yeah, mama wants to find Erica too. People think mama doesn't want to find Erica. She does. People think she killed Erica and she doesn't want to find her."

Jamie Parsons said he does not believe his mother harmed Erica.

"Yeah, Erica is missing. She might not be missing. She might be with one of her other family members, as claimed as being Nan like people are saying, or she might be hiding like a lot are saying."

Casey Parsons insists she took Erica to her paternal grandmother, Nan. Police say Erica's paternal grandmother died years ago.

Jamie Parsons said "I've never seen Nan. I've never talked to Nan, but I did not say there is no Nan."

He said the past year has been "terrifying. Like a nightmare. Like none of this is real. Like every second I'm going to wake up and it's going to go back to normal."

He tries to not think about that July day, last year, when he filed the missing persons report.

According to Jamie Parsons, he has received threats from strangers and friends - people who think he's changing this story.

"I'm not changing the story. I'm just saying my mom is trying to help too. She's not as guilty as everybody keeps saying she is. She might be. From my point of view she's not. That's my opinion."

Jamie Parsons said when he started this last year "I tried to find Erica. I didn't start this to go put my mom as a criminal."

If he could turn back the calendar one year, what would he do?

"I would ask mama again where she's at. I'm sorry it got out of control. It was other family members that got it out of control. I put in a missing persons report. I didn't put in for a body."

Still, he acknowledged he understands why people are thinking the worst - Erica was gone a year and a half before she was reported missing.

"Yeah it doesn't make sense. I can agree with you there. And it's been so long, yes. But I can tell you this too, I was away from my mama for year. I didn't die."

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