Stroke victim has powerful message on "the little things"

Stroke victim takes first steps

Chris Sadler sits out in the garden area of the Life Enrichment Center Adult Day Care in Kings Mountain. He's focusing on something that you only need to look at his face to see, makes him happy.

"I just like to listen to them sing," Chris said about the simple sound of the birds chirping. Chris wasn't much of a bird watcher or listener two years ago, but when you're 28 and you come face to face with the end of your life, you'd be surprised how the little things aren't so little anymore.

"I just fell over, I didn't know what happened, I thought I just tripped but I had a stroke."

28 year old's aren't supposed to have a massive stroke. Chris did. His wife was forced to consider life, as a widow.

LaQuetta Sadler wrote a letter to the daycare describing her husband.

In it she said, "Chris was in NICU for 8 days with no signs of waking up or movement when the doctors asked me to consider taking him off life support."

For better or for worse, she begged him.

"I pleaded with Chris to listen to the doctors closely and show them he wasn't ready to give up. When the doctors asked him to squeeze their hands, he did."

That was almost two years ago. Two weeks ago, a much brighter scenario played out when Chris took his first steps in two years.

Remember the little things? Two steps and Chris climbed a mountain.

"We stand up we sit down we don't think anything about it, but for others it's quite an effort." Debbie Vaughan says Chris has inspired everyone at the Life Enrichment Center. With a perspective on life you find, when yours is almost lost.

"I pay attention to stuff now. I pay attention to life more," Chris said.

Pay attention to life. Four words Chris hopes you'll consider. Only then he says, do all those little things, become so beautiful.

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